We organize multiple events such as afterworks, training sessions, Waffle Wednesdays and yoga at Wonderland. Some of them are available to our members, some to outsiders and most to both.

Waffle Wednesdays are a series of events created for business professionals, start-ups and corporate leaders. For people, who want to network, learn and gain inspiration from our speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Our breakfast events start with a 20-minute case study or an intro by the speaker and continue with laid-back discussion and networking while enjoying some fresh waffles.

Are you interested in hosting a session some Wednesday morning or organize something completely different, that will benefit our community? We gladly offer interesting events a platform, free of charge, whether it’s a one-time deal or something more continuous.

You can find more information about our spaces and about arranging an event here.

If you’re looking to arrange an event at Wonderland, please contact – let’s make magic happen!