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  • Event date: 08.Jun.2022 - 09:00
    Event location: Wonderland Leppävaara

    How to organize your business in one place and always have an overview of what’s going on. Why systems are critical for any business owner What are the 3 types of systems every business owner needs How to choose the right management tool – comparison…

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  • Event date: 01.Jun.2022 - 09:10
    Event location: Wonderland Vallila

    What is purpose design? Can we design purpose and sustainability and how? How can a clear purpose lead companies towards a more sustainable future? Janette Friis is an entrepreneur who is driven by the idea of helping all kinds of teams and organizations to a…

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  • Event date: 25.May.2022 - 18:00
    Event location: Wonderland Vallila

    Yes, it’s a Wonderland community Spring Party! We’re hosting a party at our Wonderland coworking space in Vallila for our members, collaborators and anyone interested in coworking and a good party! Join us for some music, food, drinks and other program. It’s a good opportunity…

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  • Event date: 11.May.2022 - 09:10
    Event location: Wonderland Vallila

    Is coding only for the super smart? Do you need to be great at math to write code? And is coding only for men? And what is really code? During this talk we’ll be digging into the myths and prejudices around programming and coding and…

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  • Event date: 27.Apr.2022 - 09:10
    Event location: Wonderland Vallila

    Kasper Kylmälä is a systems thinker, a speaker, and a classic know it all. He’s the kind of guy who thinks of negotiation techniques and monetary policy for fun. As a professional he’s an engineer, a philosopher while working, and something between a chef and…

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  • Event date: 09.Mar.2022 - 00:09
    Event location: Wonderland Vallila

    The startup journey. Vitaly is a technology enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a globalist, whose dream is to make technology work for all people and improve their quality of life. Originally from Riga, Vitaly has a very international background coming from a Russian family, having lived…

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  • Event date: 09.Feb.2022 - 00:09

    Creativity and how to tune into it What is creativity? What do we need creativity for? What gets in the way of creativity? How to boost and nurture creativity? Ville Räty is a visual artist, enthusiastic communicator, conversationalist and speaker. His colorful paintings are about…

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  • Event date: 24.Nov.2022 - 00:00

    Learn how to address stress, anxiety and types of pain through the psychology of pain, movement, coaching & art therapy • Do you have pain or chronic pain? • Does your pain affect your mood, marriage, sexual life, family members, kids, work or friendships? •…

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  • We teach the fast sketching of live models! Open to all and no experience required. All materials are provided by us! As many times, words are not enough, we at Croquis Nights believe fast sketching is essential for communicating our thoughts in a comprehensive way….