Wonderland work-eat-drink is a new coworking space in Helsinki built completely around creative ways of working. A fancy string of words for working smart, not hard.

Wonderland is more of a community than an office space. A community that helps its members achieve their goals and dreams. Whether you’re looking to create culturally significant content, design a new icebreaker, build a graphic look for a new company or innovate a banking concept Wonderland will help you get from A to Z. Think elevated working space.

The space for 300 or so members is located in Vallila’s Konepaja area. Wonderland is a melting pot of coworking facilities, cafe & restaurant, flex working spaces, lounges and team rooms. We’ve also got a dozen creative studios, formerly known as meeting rooms. What elevates them to such are their individual interior design and equipment ranging from a pingpong theme to brand stores and movie rooms. The studios are first and foremost the creative stages for your meetings designed to trigger new ideas and move things along.

We’re counting on urban culture, start up attitude and creativity from our founders – a bunch of known Helsinki entrepreneurs in restaurants, media, films, marketing and international business – to carry us far.


Wonderland Work & Alice Italian opened in August 2018.

Wonderland - Coworking
Wonderland - Coworking
Wonderland - Coworking Illustration
Wonderland - Coworking Illustration
Wonderland - Coworking
Wonderland - Coworking

First floor

coworking map

Second floor

coworking space


What does Wonderland stand for?

Wonderland is a creative coworking space in Vallila. It’s full of amazing people and different kind of wonders, of course!

What is coworking?

Coworking means that people (working for different companies or as freelancers) work together in a shared space. There’s a chance to rent your own office space or have a Flex seat (you can decide where you want to sit).

How does coworking differ from office hotels?

Wonderland is more like a community. We arrange activities for our members. There are shared coffee breaks, yoga, after work, breakfasts etc. This way people learn to know each other even though they don’t work in the same company or within the same project.

What does the membership include?

Soundproofed phone booths, showers and locker rooms, IT-support, printing, kitchen corner, daily cleaning, Wonderland magazine’s on site, coffee from local roasteries and extensive tea selection, use of lockers, Waffle Wednesday -talks, yoga, breakfast on Mondays, and afterwork on Fridays.

How do I become a member?

You can send an application through our web page, send us an email to, call us to +358400803533, or just drop by and we will help you with everything!

Where is Wonderland?

Konepajankuja 1, 00570 Helsinki.

What is Waffle Wednesday?

Waffle Wednesdays is a series of events, held usually two times a month in Wonderland. There’s always a changing speaker with a relevant topic. Afterwards, there’s a chance to enjoy some waffles (which are pretty damn good…) and continue the discussion with others.

Where can I park my bike or my car?

You can park your car for example to the parking spots on the Aleksis Kiven katu. You can leave your bike to the parking garage’s bike park, or in front of the building.

Can I bring my dog to the office?

OFC! We love dogs here in Wonderland. And llamas. Or actually all different kind of animals really. Please bring your furry friends with you.

Can I come and try the coworking space before buying the membership?

Yes, of course! Our reception is open from Monday to Friday 7:45-16:15. We can show you around and help with any questions you might have.