Wonderland Waffle Wednesday. The Power of Words

Event date: 27.Apr.2022 – 09:10
Event location: Wonderland Vallila

Kasper Kylmälä is a systems thinker, a speaker, and a classic know it all. He’s the kind of guy who thinks of negotiation techniques and monetary policy for fun. As a professional he’s an engineer, a philosopher while working, and something between a chef and a musician at home. As a jack of all trades Kasper’s passion is to explain, teach, and discuss various topics with people all the way from science to international politics – it’s a success if a lightbulb lights up above someone’s head.

Kasper speaks frequently about sustainability, philosophy, and human communication. He also coaches executives, leaders, and university students on public speaking. Kasper has worked in both business and NGO fields and also as an investor. Currently his biggest passion is rhetoric – how we as humans can affect each other through language, which is why he’s coming to Waffle Wednesday to speak about speaking.

The Power of Words.

  • Why do we speak?
  • What do words do in our minds?
  • How to hack people’s minds?
  • Why you can and should use words mindfully?
  • How words can change the world?


Connect with Kasper on LinkedIn: linkedin.com

Connect with Kasper : kylmala.net


This event will be held in English .

Help us host a safe event by following these instructions:

– Please arrive to the event only 100% healthy and without symptoms

– You’re most welcome to wear a mask if you so choose!

– Remember to keep a safe distance between other participants and disinfect regularly