Waffle Wednesday: Unlocking Growth and Resilience Through Ecosystem Partnerships

Waffle Wednesday: Unlocking growth and resilience through ecosystem partnerships
Event date: 06.Mar.2024 – 08:45
Event location: Wonderland Vallila, Konepajankuja 1, 00510 Helsinki

Mariam Shodeinde is an experienced business strategy and operations manager, with over a decade of expertise across different growth, strategy, and operations roles in startup and scaleup environments. Her most recent role was as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the Edtech startup, Claned Group Oy. Currently, she holds the position of CEO at Thindo Oy, a newly established company that specializes in providing strategy and operations services to B2B growth companies.

Thindo Oy focuses on helping B2B growth companies identify sources of revenue growth to enhance revenue resilience. They specialize in designing and implementing unique growth ecosystems by leveraging partner collaboration, enhancing customer experience, and fostering employee development. Their services range from co-developing partner strategies to sourcing and implementing various growth initiatives, as well as providing operational support and team development.

Unlocking Growth and Resilience Through Ecosystem Partnerships.

When considering the construction of a growth ecosystem, it’s essential to focus on three primary groups: your customersyour internal team, and trusted external partners who hold influence over your customers’ buying decisions.

By prioritizing these key stakeholders and actively strategizing on how to exceed their expectations, businesses can achieve sustainable growth that creates genuine value

Highlights :

  • Traditional sources of growth are becoming increasingly vulnerable.
  • Ecosystems prove to be the most robust and sustainable drivers of growth.
  • Effective partnerships not only drive growth but also enhance resilience and foster customer loyalty.
  • Many companies struggle with partnerships due to misperception of value or lack of necessary skills.
  • Despite the success of ecosystem-based models, many companies fail to adopt them, even though they dominate the top ranks of global corporations.
  • The top 10 Software as a Service (SaaS) companies in the world, including giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Zoom, thrive on ecosystem support.
  • Even if you’re not among the tech giants, you can still achieve “Value-creating resilient growth” by leveraging your existing resources effectively.
  • This approach is suitable for companies with a clear value proposition, a strong vision, and the courage to endure.

Why Attend?

  • Discover how collective power can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Participate in constructive feedback and discussion aimed at refining strategies for growth and market dominance.

General info:

This event will be held in English.

Help us host a safe event by following these instructions:

  • Please arrive to the event only 100% healthy and without any symptoms
  • You’re most welcome to wear a mask if you so choose!
  • Remember to keep a safe distance between other participants and and disinfect frequently.