Wonderland Waffle Wednesday: Designing purpose.

Event date: 01.Jun.2022 – 09:10
Event location: Wonderland Vallila
  • What is purpose design?
  • Can we design purpose and sustainability and how?
  • How can a clear purpose lead companies towards a more sustainable future?

Janette Friis is an entrepreneur who is driven by the idea of helping all kinds of teams and organizations to a sustainable and meaningful future. Janette has a master’s degree from Aalto University and is interested in how creativity and design practices can help us solve the complex planetary problems we are facing. Besides having a background in design, Janette also has experience from co- founding a mobile game start-up.


Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCktFWF4fIx9lzLJ226CoITw

This event will be held in English .

Help us host a safe event by following these instructions:

– Please arrive to the event only 100% healthy and without symptoms

– You’re most welcome to wear a mask if you so choose!

– Remember to keep a safe distance between other participants and disinfect regularly