24.11 Wonderland Waffle Wednesday: Embrace your pain

Event date: 24.Nov.2021 – 00:00
Learn how to address stress, anxiety and types of pain through the psychology of pain, movement, coaching & art therapy
• Do you have pain or chronic pain?
• Does your pain affect your mood, marriage, sexual life, family members, kids, work or friendships?
• Do you speak about your pain? Do you feel guilt, shame, despair, and/or anxiety because of your pain?
• Are you happy and have you accepted your pain ?
• Are you desperate about existing solutions for your pain? Are you tired of meds being the only way?
• Do you think it’s possible to improve your pain situation?
David Munoz Gonzales is an entrepreneur and martial arts instructor at Art Zenter Academy ( www.artzenter.fi ). In 2009 he suffered a serious back injury. The last 12 years, David developed daily maintenance habits to harmonize body and mind in order to improve his back problems and get a happier life.
Irina Poleshchuk is a researcher at the university of Jyväskylä, her main interest lies in the field of chronic pain, psychology of pain, embodiment, and sociality. She has published several articles and conducted workshops on chronic pain, ethics and the normativity of the pain experience. – – LinkedInfi.linkedin.com › irina-poleshchuk-1002ba164
This event will be held in English.
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Help us host a safe event by following these instructions:
– Please arrive to the event only 100% healthy and without symptoms
– You’re most welcome to wear a mask if you so choose!
– Remember to keep a safe distance between other participants and disinfect regularly