Waffle Wednesday: How to arrange a successful corporate event.

Event date: 20.Sep.2023 – 08:45
Event location: Wonderland Leppävaara
  • Have you stopped to think what is the goal of your corporate event and planned your party accordingly?
  • What should you consider when organizing an event?
  • What are the things that can make or break companies’ events?
  • How to find the resources for party planning when there’s no dedicated people for that?

Soupster Family has been organizing events in the Helsinki region since 1997. Joel Makkonen and Emmi Lepistö from Soupster’s sales team share hands on tips and tricks for organizing successful corporate events. You’ll learn what’s important and what can you forget about based on their extensive experience organizing events for their clients. They’ll also go over trends in this year’s party season! The busiest party planning season is in full swing, stop by to get inspired for your next Xmas party.



Emmi Lepistö. “With over a decade of experience in the restaurant business and having experienced countless events, there’s very little I haven’t witnessed. I’ve sold, produced and worked at hundreds of different sorts of events. My strengths lie in my comprehensive understanding of restaurant and event operations, my ability to effectively resolve challenges (which come up a lot in event production!) and above all, my exceptional interpersonal skills.”

Joel Makkonen works for Soupster and has been planning hundreds of events for B2C and B2B from with events between 10 – 3 000 guests. Joel has strong background with customer journeys and end-to-end event organizing as well as how to reach the target of the event.


Website: https://soupster.com/en/frontpage/



This event will be held in Finnish.

Help us host a safe event by following these instructions:

  • Please arrive to the event only 100% healthy and without symptoms
  • You’re most welcome to wear a mask if you so choose!
  • Remember to keep a safe distance between other participants and disinfect regularly