Wonderland - Coworking


DAY 18€

A seat for a day at the coworking facilities. All our amenities from the restaurant benefits to creative studio rentals at your service for one day. Hassle-free work space to suit your needs.


Company pass that can be used by anyone with your company. Provides a state of the art satellite office for today’s mobile workers and a platform for conducting business and nurturing creativity and motivation.

FLEX 270€

A flexible membership for a month! Choose your seat daily according to your current vibe and take advantage of all of our member benefits.

FIX 370€

Your fixed seat for a month. Choose a spot and make it your own! Enjoy the comfort of knowing your seat will always be waiting for you along with our community benefits and services.

ROOM 980€

Need a private space for your team? Then our office rooms within the coworking space are the thing for you! All the upsides of the community merged together with a little privacy for your team. We’ve got only a few rooms, think fast.