Wonderland Work is an urban mix between a coworking space, restaurantmeeting rooms and event spaces located in Vallila, Helsinki and Leppävaara, Espoo. Looking for something related to working? We guarantee you we’ve got it – and then some!

We offer different memberships to choose from which all give you access to our coworking place, pick the one that best suits your situation. If you’re a freelancer or a company of one to a few people, you can rent a fixed or flexible seat in our shared office space. In addition we’ve got small offices that fit between 2-10 people on average – those work great for teams who want to benefit from the community but still wish for some privacy. Coworking isn’t only for freelancers and small companies, it’s a great option for large companies that have their offices or headquarters far away, possibly in a different city all together! Wonderland provides a personal yet professional satellite office for employees wishing to work from outside the main office or people who hold meetings with clients. We also offer a virtual membership for people who have a need for a physical address, but don’t need a work space on a daily basis!

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