How to choose a coworking space?

Coworking Helsinki

Luckily we’re getting spoiled for choice with different coworking places constantly opening on the Helsinki market. So how to make a decision between those spaces, what factors should you look at when choosing a coworking place?


You can look at the location from two angles, is it a convenient distance from your home or is it in a place that’s easily accessible to your stakeholders. Depending on your line of work, you might appreciate a short commute or a central location that offers good mobility to different key points in the city. If you work a lot with clients, you could choose a spot that’s centrally located or around the offices of your major clients, making it easy to visit their premises or host them at your coworking spot.


While all coworking places offer a community of some sorts, they can vary a lot between locations. Some are more focused on startups and others on established businesses, they might even have a clear sector like tech. Some are more focused on maintaining the premises than community building, so if you’re not looking for a communal spirit a place that just has your basic office amenities might suit you. 

A good way to start investigating if any said coworking community is the right fit for you is by looking at their webpages and social media profiles, which often showcase members and community events. Do you see yourself exchanging thoughts or having a game of ping pong with those people?


Do you have a need for a podcast studio, meeting rooms, webinar room or business support services? Different coworking spaces have different services that can be completely different from other locations, so take a look at the amenities they offer. If you have a constant need for different services you’re better off choosing a spot that already caters to your needs. If your work doesn’t require access to specific gadgets or spaces, you have a ranger selection to choose from.

It’s also worth analyzing your intangible needs, since some coworking spaces offer acceleration programs for startups and other forms of business consulting. These can also be provided by the community of coworking colleagues!


Don’t forget the vibe, it’s important to feel comfortable in any space and go with your gut! We recommend trying out different coworking spaces before making a decision. Most operators offer a free trial with a day pass so go to the location and work there for a day trying them on for size so to speak. Each location has a unique vibe that’s a combination of décor, people and services which can’t be 100% represented online.

What is Wonderland Work like?

We feel like Wonderland is a good fit for someone looking for a more urban experience than a sleek business environment. Our premises are located in the bustling and developing Konepaja in the Vallila neighborhood. Our services are an eclectic bunch, ranging from an in-house restaurant to a podcast studio, meeting rooms, community events like weekly breakfasts and Waffle Wednesdays. We are heavily experienced in events, as we operate as an event venue as well. Our members range from freelancers to startups and medium-sized established companies, some of them have even grown from two people to ten while working from Wonderland. We want to create an inclusive space that’s free from discrimination and open to all. But you don’t have to take our word for it, come see for yourself with our free coworking day pass.