What does it mean to be a coworking member?


Do you ask yourself what is coworking and how do I become a member? And most importantly – why should I? Worry not, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of a coworking membership.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking place is essentially a working space that can be rented out flexibly. What is inside differs a little according to each space, but typically coworking spaces have open-plan office space, some small private offices, recreational spaces like kitchen, lounge area etc and meeting rooms. Other types of spaces may include extras like yoga hall, gym, photography studios, restaurants and more. 

What do members get?

As a member you get access to the working space and get to enjoy different member benefits. Usually if you’re for example a freelancer getting a basic monthly membership, you can pick a free spot in the open-plan office space and work from there. Member benefits vary between different coworking spaces, but often include free use or discounted price from meeting rooms and other services as well as free entry to community events and access to the coworking network. Some basics that are included in practically all memberships are access to the working space, reception services, good WiFi and printing, coffee and daily cleaning service.

What kind of different memberships are there?

Typically memberships can be divided into three categories: individuals, teams and businesses. Individuals usually go for freelancer memberships, which give you either a fixed or flexible spot in the open-plan office. Fixed memberships cost a little extra, but you can choose a permanent spot and make it your own, instead of changing your spot daily according to availability as is the case with flexible memberships. Teams are often located in an office inside the coworking place or they have a fixed area on the premises. Businesses might have several memberships that their employees can use at will, so you might see someone from a big company working at a coworking place one day and another on the next. 

Memberships can also vary in length, you can buy day passes for casual use, get your membership for a month at a time or book for a full year ahead. As with all services, longer commitment usually means cheaper price per day. 

What is this famous community everyone keeps talking about?

The thing about coworking spaces is, you’re not just getting a desk and a chair with a roof over your head. The biggest value lies in the community and the networking opportunities provided by it. You can find likeminded people that help you mull things over, offer guidance on pricing, collaborate with you on projects and even become your clients.

In addition to business opportunities and support the community is there to have a cup of coffee or grab an afterwork beer with you. It’s like having a building full of colleagues from different fields and with special expertise!

Wonderland’s member benefits

Want to know what type of memberships Wonderland Work has to offer? You can find all our coworking memberships through the link and have a look at our benefits, which include bonuses like complimentary micro roastery coffee, community breakfasts and yoga sessions.

Wonderland membership

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