Virtual Office from Wonderland?

Virtual Office? What is that? If you have never heard the term Virtual Office, then it probably means nothing to you. If you look up the term Virtual Office on the internet, you will find thousands of hits on Google. It is a service that has gained worldwide popularity and is slowly but steadily coming to Finland. It is a concept that offers you a virtual business address and a number of different services and discounts. But what do these virtual office packages offer more

Most virtual office packages include business address, postal services and several meeting rooms to be purchased with a discounted price. If you are a freelancer, small business owner or a startup company without a need for an office space, this service provides you with a professional address in a good location while keeping your general expenses low, because you don’t need to rent and manage an office space. So, if the only thing you need is the possibility to rent a meeting room occasionally, this kind of package is the perfect way to utilize the benefits of an office space from home without any extra general expenses. With a professional business address, you create a professional image of your company without the need to share your home address across the internet.

We at Wonderland Work offer a virtual office package which includes a business address located in Vallila, Helsinki and postal services that include mail reception and forwarding with a possibility to receive your post also via email. This ensures that mail distribution between the members of your company can be done fast and with ease. In addition, our day pass and meeting rooms are yours to purchase/rent with a -30% discount.

According to your needs we also have modern meeting rooms ranging from small two person rooms all the way up to rooms made for up to 70 people. This way you assure that you have quality meeting conditions available all the time and you don’t need to arrange meetings at a coffee shop or in your home. Our virtual office package also includes a discounted price for a day pass to our coworking facilities if you would like to try our space out or arrange a team day with the members of your business. From our facilities you will also find Alice restaurant that serves food from breakfast to dinner.

With our day pass you will also get unlimited coffee
and inspiring workspaces for you and your members.

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