Enhancing visibility in one of our era’s dominant social media channel, Instagram, can be particularly challenging, but at the same time rewarding. In Waffle Wednesday 16.01.2019 Lana Rynty explored the secrets of the Instagram algorithm – how the channel works and with which simple tips you can improve your visibility, popularity and gain more followers. The subject seemed to touch a wide variety of parties; if you work for a larger company, startup or freelancer. Many of our workers at the coworking-space had arrived, in addition to which there were several faces from outside the space.

Lana Rynty, currently working as Deel’s Marketing Manager, created a passion for social media, especially Instagram, through her own account.  Lana’s account collected over 18,500 committed followers. While working as a marketing manager for the late comedy application, Lifeslice, she took advantage of the community, social visibility and sensational videos. One of Lana’s job tasks, the “Floor is Lava” challenge received half a million Facebook viewers, and it was also featured in Helsingin Sanomat.

There is no single secret to why someone would follow you on Instagram. The content of your account should simply be interesting and high quality!

Good content is valuable to followers, plus:
  1. Inspiring
  2. Guiding
  3. Entertaining

Only share content that is excellent in quality. Keep in mind that videos engage better than images. You can get good ideas by following competing accounts, use this to your advantage. If possible, share as much content that people want to tag other users in. No one wants to follow an account that only focuses on selling products; Give your followers a reason to follow you.

Optimize your account to fit your customer base. In this way, you may only compete against a few users. Your customers will also find you easier and you will keep your account and content current and relevant.

Your Instagram feed is in your portfolio. So, choose a theme and remain faithful to it. Focus on keeping the quality of your accounts content always good. Don’t think so much about individual images, but about making your feed look good overall.

What else should be considered?

Connect all of your accounts (Twitter, Facebook) and add links to your social media channels to your website and at the end of your email. Other content providers can help each other grow, boldly join different communities. Leave comments and communicate with other contributors and content providers in this way. Think carefully about how you want others to see you. Find your own voice and style.

What does the Instagram algorithm mean?

For the first six years, the Instagram algorithm was only chronological, but nowadays every Instagram feed is tailored to its own look. The main issues that Instagram takes into account when tailoring feeds are attractiveness, topicality and connection. This generally means that commitment to publications is key. Develop a relationship with your followers and find out the best time to create a post on Instagram.

10 Tips for growing Instagram followers:

1. People are looking for and finding you with your name. Use it as your benefit!

2. Stay in one theme in your feed.

3. Tell your followers what you want them to do, for example, “tag your friend who would eat this”, “like the picture if you agree”, “what’s your favorite destination?”

4. Proactive Commitment. Follow, like, comment and send private messages.

5. Use hashtags (put them in the first comment). Find your own hashtags. Intended to reach the ‘Top publications’ page.

6. Tag others in your images. If you tag companies you will appear in their profile, they will be notified and may begin to follow you. It is also possible to tag other influencers in the same way.

7. Post consistently, so you continually raise your followers. Otherwise, Instagram stops showing your posts.

8. Videos engage more than pictures.

9. Add a location (this is used too rarely). In this case, you have a better chance to be noticed in the eyes of your target audience. There is a feed for the locations on Instagram.

10. Collaborate with other content providers – comment on each other’s posts. S4s feed / stories (Shoutout for shoutout)

How do I get 10,000 followers? Content should be great, you should be active. Post videos and try to make your content viral.