How to dominate in social media?

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Sami Suhonen and Akusti Niskanen came 5.6.2019 to Waffle Wednesday to tell us how to be successful and dominate in social media.

Being successful in social media includes four elements: how to know algorithms, how to develop a strategy, what content to post in social media and how to use data.


Algorithms are the most important part of social media after content.  Knowing your channels is important, when planning a strategy. You need to know Facebook and Instagram. When posting to social media, often there rises a question, how to get it to spread.  Organic reach (how many people see the post without marketing) has decreased last couple of years in many companies. It is due to changes in algorithms. Three years ago Instagram algorithm changed so, that content doesn’t show to followers in order, but algorithm chooses the posts that user would most likely to be interrested at.

For example company x. When company x posts in Instagram every day and followers like and comment posts often, there is a great chance that the next posts are seen too. If company x’s followers don’t like the posts, the company drops in their feed and the followers don’t see the posts anymore. If someone is wondering why one doesn’t see posts from people or company they are following, it is becouse you are not communicating with that account.  

In Instagram you need to understand, that when you get the followers to share, like and comment on your posts, then your content will show on their feed. After understandin how to get your posts in peoples feed one can start to think building a strategy.


It’s easier to start build a strategy, when knowing what there is to buy in Instagram. What is for example swipe up in Instagram? For what kind of target group advertisements could be build, how to collect data and how to use influencers. Strategy is easier to build, when starting point is clear. Today’s social media marketing isn’t just posting, then adding an add and just waiting around. Now you have more than just one statement.


You should think over how product or service is sold and then build it to online. Collecting data and communicating tells us, what part of buying process the customer is at. Building a sales funnel alouds to communicate with right people in the right time, after reading the data. Analyzing data you can pinpoint the problem areas. For example a customer that has scrolled through Instagram and then moved to your online store. They have added products to shopping cart but then clicked out from the website. Reading data you can figure out why the customer has left the website, is it because customers lack of knowledge about the product? This way you will know how to communicate with customers in social media in a way that supports sales.

Building the sales funnel in the beginning is recommended. Getting to know all available tools and customer segments. In this way effective communications are made and first of all you’ll get to know your followers. If you goal is to get your followers to click to your website and it comes true, you can model your success and continue on that path that is working. By reading the data you’ll get instruction, how your followers work. When strategy is built we come to the content. Reading data and strategy gives guidelines what content is wise to publish in social media.

Building content

Even if everything else was going wrong in social media, you can get far with brilliant content. Content is always number one in social media, even if you had great strategy, knew your algorithms and data, you will go nowhere without good content.

Here is summary of Sami’s and Akusti’s three most important pointers how to produce content to social media:

1. Serving content

Does the content serve the target group? In social media people follow content that entertanes or teaches them, after their friends posts. That’s why you need to think is your own account teaching something to followers or is it entertaining to them.

2. Continuity

There must always be new content. If you don’t gas up your car, it will run out. You should always test new and different content so you’ll know what works. If something is working, multiple it.

3. Supporting sales process

You should make clear for new followers, what the company is offering. Additionally there should be some informative content to people who already know the company. If the customer has left the online store and you have studied your data you’ll know what went wrong. In social media you can inform ustomers about the product for example, if it seems to be the issue that breaks the decision to buy.

When you understand data, you’ll know your followers, and after that you can produce good content and dominate in social media.

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