Remote work has been the talk of the town for the past six months, since the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly forced massive amounts of people to work from home. The restrictions that were placed were necessary and inevitable to halt the pandemic, but we at Wonderland believed that remote work is on the rise long before the first signs of the virus started showing up. This article by Forbes offers more insights into the phenomenon.

The whole purpose of Wonderland coworking space is to enable flexible working habits and offer the best possible place to work – for you. To ensure the varying needs of different workers (freelancers, entrepreneurs, big corporations) we’re offering different Memberships in addition to our monthly contracts. According to studies the opportunity to work remotely may enhance workers mental capacities and people would be willing to utilize such opportunities, if provided to them by their employer.

With a Day pass you’ll get a working spot in our open-plan office for a day. The holder of the pass gets to choose their own working spot from the coworking area, which is located in the urban and lively Konepaja area in Helsinki’s Vallila. Day passes can be bought one by one or for example a hundred at a time, depending on your needs. If you’re an entrepreneur working from home maybe you’d like to change the scenery a couple of times a month. And if you’re managing a large team at a company, perhaps you’d like to offer them the change to change their location according to their needs.

Why get day passes for your business?
  • Change is refreshing. Changing your work environment enables creative thinking and problem-solving. Breaking your routine every now and then opens your mind up to new possibilities. Wonderland’s modern work environment is a different experience compared to the home office or corporate headquarters. You’ll find ergonomic chairs, printers and all that a fully furbished office needs here!
  • Location. People spend hours on commuting on a weekly basis. If that time could be reduced by working from closer to home every now and then, we’d free up employees most important resource – their time. In addition, if your home base is located outside of the Helsinki region and you’re visiting for work, working from a coworking space can be much more productive than a café setting.
  • Charm your clients. Your clients have probably visited your office plenty of times or you theirs? Bring them to Wonderland! A new and inspiring setting with functional meeting rooms elevate interactions to the next level. End your meeting with a gin tasting or some pingpong!
  • Food and drink. With our day passes you get to drink as much coffee and tea as you like! Our coffee comes from a local micro roaster called Holmen Coffee, roasted in Roihuvuori. Popular lunch restaurant Alice is located in the same building, they have you covered regarding any meeting room catering needs as well.
  • Embracing modern work culture. Last but definitely not the least! Organizational culture has become a top factor for people when it comes to choosing their work place. The best professional aren’t only looking for a good salary and interesting job description, they’re also looking for an organization that shares their values with a flexible working culture. So extend your arm to your employees by trusting them to choose the work location best suited to their needs.

Check the link for more information on Wonderland’s day passes and other memberships.

Photo credit for article picture: @sellai.fi