Croquis and Animation – Get your ideas across fast!

Wonderland work

Juuso Kallioinen & Pedro Aibeo came to Waffle Wednesday 28.8.2019 to tell about croquis.  They have hosted croquis classes since 2015. It is passion for them and they do it as a side business.

Drawing is a language, anyone can learn it – you just need a good teacher. But why draw? In business life development these days is emphasized working together and experimenting by doing. When work life is changing it is important to know how to tolerate unpredictable and uncertainty, and learn to tolerate mistakes. All the above qualities are characteristics to art. By visualizing your idea it is easy er to get it through to people and you’ll learn new approach to idealization.

Point in croquis classes is to get your message through with pictures. By sketching your idea the message might be even clearer than with words sometimes -at least faster for sure. Imagine trying to explain your colleagues your idea about service or product development. It takes seconds to visualize your idea, spoken explanation lasts several minutes and there is big chance of misunderstanding. But you need to be fast, it can’t take forever or your colleagues for will get sidetracked. Too many lines is too messy, best way to communicate is just with few clean lines. With Croquis you’ll learn to communicate efficiently with pictures.

Corquis method

Croquis nights are little different compared to usual drawing classes. Usually there is 5 to 20 minutes to draw a pose. Juusos and Pedros method is to start with 4 minutes. There is a strict schedule. The time decreases after each pose, first it is 4 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 1 minutes and finally just 30 seconds and the amount of poses increase. This teaches you to quickly observe your surroundings and focus on the message.

A naked model makes poses an you need to sketch it fast. You can’t use eraser, only using pen is aloud. And why naked models? It’s hard to be accurate with faces, it’s easier to draw bodies. The mood changes in the room and you’ll take naked person more seriously and there is of course also a purpose to not hide anatomy under clothes.

You should make mistakes. When you make mistakes, you’ll learn new aspects to your work. You will not be afraid to use multiple techniques to communicate. In croquis focusing on the message is important, not irrelevant details.  By using flip papers you can compare the pictures you have drawn and see the movement of the model between poses. By not focusing on the details, you will learn to focus to the message. If model is just standing there and doing something with a hand, you should focus to the hand. Because Juuso and Pedro teach croquis for a passion, you’ll really get feedback when they go around and give advice. Even if people are already good at croquis, they will challenge you to go outside you comfort zone and try new styles.

Here are the dates of this autumns croquis classes, come and experience croquis yourself Wednesdays at 17.30. Get you tickets:


18.9. / 25.9.


2.10. / 9.10. / 16.10. / 23.10. / 30.10.


6.11. / 13.11. / 20.11. / 27.11.