Matilda Brunemalm & Rebecca Winterqvist – Why coding is for you and everyone else?

What is Technigo?

  • Technigo is female founded programming school
  • Over 80% of the participants are women
  • The boot camps are 22 week long, and they last around 20 hours in a week


The story of Technigo:

Technigo is programming school that was founded by two women. The school offers coding related boot camps where you can start learn how to do coding. The greatest thing about camps is that if you want to attend on Technigo’s camp, you don’t need to know anything about coding before and it doesn’t matter what kind of professional background you have.

In 2015 two women worked in marketing and design related work and it included programming. The two didn’t know how to do coding so they decided to find a way how they could learn it by themselves. They started off by learning how to do coding alone, and later with their friends. This is how the Tjejer Kodar was born before Technigo.


What is coding, and what comes in your mind when you hear coding related words?

Coders wear glasses and they are good at math and they do hack? This is the basic thought that everyone has when we talk about coding. In reality, coding is based on the information and creation and knowledge of how to create things. Coding itself has not been very popular with women, but with Technigo, many women had attended the course and learned it.

What coding is in reality?

Coding basically means that you are creating functions on your own, regardless of previous work. For example, Matilda had different background on working and she said “I thought that coding is not for me, because I am not smart enough for doing it. I got into coding accidentally, and my background was not related to it at all.” Like Matilda, learning how to do coding does not watch age or place, you can learn how to do coding at home, university or at boot camp, like she did.


Why should we start coding?

Coding is creative field of work and you learn how to create things by yourself and you feel awesome by doing it. The speaker shared too that the reason why she started to do coding was the feeling what she got from it. Coding is like a superpower, because you can be the designer with superpowers.

The work itself is a rewarding experience, since you can see the results immediately. Instead of being just a work, coding is a flexible kind of work. The career itself have a shortage of developers, around million persons. Many people are getting more and more interested in coding, despite of the fact that their former career does not include any coding experiences. The needs for being coder is not being good at math or having background in the same area, but the will and passion about learning how to do coding does the trick. How is coding related into our everyday life? As an example, the speakers’ introduced the audience a coded sim card that was used in Volvo’s. The sim card is attached to the airbag, and when the accident happens it actives and calls for help. This is just an example of code; coding is a whole new world you can reach and create.

Codes and coding are all over the place, and basically everything is coded or programmed around us. Technigo offers the earlier mentioned boot camps, where you can learn coding.


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