A year in Wonderland – what I have gained?

wonderland work

I started working in Wonderland Work coworking space a year ago. It was a good decision.

  • Hello! How was you summer holiday?
  • Hi, long time no see! How was your summer?

These are a couple of questions that are common in Finnish workplaces.  Quite often they are small talk, that you don’t think about much afterwards. But for the receiver it’s a kind  gesture. An important indication, that your absence during the holidays has been noted.  

They indicate that isolated freelancer workes are not alone – or lonely.

I know what I’m talking about, because I know from experience.

I heard those questions in August 2019 in Wonderland. I’m part of a community. I’m part of Wonderland coworking, part of the Wonderland Work crew.

THIS EXACT FEELING was my goal when I applied for a Wonderland membership in August 2018.

I was working from home, involved in writing projects. Finding material, for example interviewing, meeting clients, content meetings, events that I covered, concerts etc, forced me to pull myself together. Comb my hair and get out the door.

But starting the actual writing at home was getting hard after years of working. Without a deadline hanging over my head like a guillotine, it was almost impossible to start working.  There was always a dishwasher to fill or some interesting article to read online supposedly related to work. Same ideaapplied to browzing through social media.

And on top of everything I realized that I’m lonely. When the rest of the family went to work and school, there was a good chance to focus on writing.

But at the same time I hoped, that there were some other people or a person, who would talk with me at the coffee machine. At least if there was a coffee machine at the work place, because my work is here and there.

I COULD WRITE AN ENTIRE POEM, to Wonderland’s coffee maker if I was a poet. But we’ll skip it – for now.

I’m sure people seach for different things from Wonderland. There are companies with few employees that have their own community. It seems though, that in many cases even these workers ventilate their atmosphere by collabrating with other Wonderland workers, at least during a moment’s conversation at the coffee machine.   

Of course the employees of Wonderland would especially deserve their own poem. Their continuous cheerfulness and skill to keep office routines rolling effortlessly is a miracle. Okey, it’s their job, but still no one at the community seems to know what a frowny face looks like – and this attitude spreads to us little working bees, buzzing all around doing our own stuff.

This you wouldn’t have quessed, but I thank coworking, that my productivity at home has increased as well. When there is a chance to go to Wonderland, I get energy to write in front of my ktichen table as well. I’m sure the situation would be different without the opportunity of coworking! 

But even these days at home I feel like going to Wonderland, because of yoga, if Reetta’s class happens to be on those days.


Pasi Kostiainen

The author is a freelance writer and photographer, who works as an journalist, non-fiction writer, screen writer, communications entrepreneur, photographer and picture journalist in Wonderland.