Waffle Wednesdays

Would you like to be a guest speaker at Waffle Wednesday? Please contact hello@wonderlandwork.fi if you are interested!

Waffle Wednesday

Waffle Wednesday is a networking event organized by Wonderland and held at our coworking space in Vallila or Leppävaara. Waffle Wednesday is a hybrid event so you can attend the event in person or you can watch the speech from Wonderland’s social media where it is broadcasted in real time.
The guest speaker of Waffle Wednesday gives a 30-minute long speech. At the end of the speech the audience can ask questions about the subject. After that it’s time for waffles and the inspiring conversations can be continued while eating waffles!

Next Waffle Wednesday Event

24.11 Wonderland Waffle Wednesday: Embrace your pain

Learn how to address stress, anxiety and types of pain through the psychology of pain, movement, coaching & art therapy • Do you have pain or chronic pain? • Does your pain affect your mood, marriage, sexual life, family members, kids, work or friendships? •

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Past Waffle Wednesday Events

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