Waffle Wednesday: Towards sustainability – Reframing obligation as an opportunity

Towards sustainability

Waffle Wednesday: Towards sustainability – Reframing obligation as an opportunity

20.11.2019 9-10am

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”Reframing is the conscious effort to push the pause button, contemplate the crisis from different points of view, and then come up with a new way to handle it.”

The topic of sustainability is increasingly relevant, if not urgent, for businesses. Companies say they want to do sustainable business, but they tend to do it in an unsustainable way. Grand sustainability challenges require novel ideas and unconventional approaches from big and small companies, consumers, policymakers, researchers, and non-profits – everyone keen to tackle them. This talk is about how to stimulate critical and creative problem solving in the quest for environmental innovations, social justice and economic prosperity. 

Sonja is a doctoral researcher, lecturer and speaker on the role of companies in society. She has experience in advancing sustainability on multiple levels, as a researcher, teacher, business advisor, community organizer and as a consumer-citizen. She is currently finishing her PhD about how companies can act as a driving force for sustainability transitions in society. In her work, she combines academic rigor with creative thinking to reframe the relationship between business and sustainability.

This talk is aimed to give ideas for all of us seeking to reframe our own role of being in relation with the world that is facing the looming threat of sustainability crisis  – and to give ideas on how to become part of the creative solutions.

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