Waffle Wednesday: School of Badassness

Waffle Wednesday

Waffle Wednesday: School of Badassness

25.9.2019, 9.00-10.00

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Jenni Janakka got pissed with the culture where people are undermining their talent and experience. So she started talking about how we can communicate better, what we are good at or what drives us. We have stories and characters in our culture that affect on what we can understand.
How do we see ourselves?
How do we perceive others?
How our careers and life should go?
Who can do and what?

Finnish culture especially is full of socially accepted dismissive talk about one’s achievements. How to shape our thoughts differently so we could feel more comfortable when we need to articulate our know-how.

Jenni Janakka is a writer and speech artist. She has written a book called Röyhkeyskoulu that was published in January 2019. She is also a screenwriter and director in a Finnish science-based comedy panel TV show called Hyvät ja Huonot Uutiset.