Waffle Wednesday: Purpose Driven Marketing

jari aalto-setälä

Waffle Wednesday: Purpose Driven Marketing

19.09.2018 at 9:00-10:00 

Jari Aalto-Setälä is a brand consultant and marketing expert, who has worked for example as a CEO for creative office Sek Oy, and founded a brand office Rabbit in a Hat.

Why do the companies that have another goal than only striving for profit make a greater success?

Pleasing is insincere.

Simon Sinek has states that the companies that have purpose make better outcome than the ones whose mission is to make profit. Outcome is followed when people in the company believe in the same goal. In other words, they do work that has a purpose. This grasps on everybody who are in contact with the company – at the end it also affects to the customers. Pleasing is the opposite of this. Pleasing is never convincing. It is insincere. People will see through the pleasing and head their direction to those, whose thoughts and work can be respected. Those, who can create meaningful content to their life. Those, who can help to get your own values visible. Therefore, why do so many marketers just want to please us?

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