Waffle Wednesday: Power of Community

Waffle Wednesday: Power of Community

14.11.2018 at 9:00-10:00

Have you heard of Siivouspäivä, Kallio Block Party, Helsinki Sauna Day, vegan kiosk Jänö or the Konepaja-movement?

All are based on their own communities, without which they would not have become a reality. All of them have something else in common as well: they are open to everyone, they are based on the power of social media and all somehow involve Jaakko Blomberg.

Wednesday 14.11. Waffle Wednesday continues with the theme of community when urban activist and Citizen of the Year Jaakko Blomberg will share his knowledge and tell about the power of community. 
What can be achieved with a community and why is it worth it? Jaakko will share examples of various communal projects and how to engage people to work together for a cause.

Of course, there are also waffles and communal (pun intended) discussion on the subject.

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