Waffle Wednesday: How does light affect you?

Waffle Wednesday: How does light affect you?

24.04.2019 klo. 9.00-10.00

How does light affect you? How to master the use of light and its effects on people?

Everyone is probably unnoticed working in a room where the color of light is cold white. In that light, people are more energetic and productive.

These days it is possible to create a daylight rhythm artificially. With lighting control, you can bring the sun’s energizing effect indoors or the sun’s red-glowing relaxing light to the evening, when the stress of a busy day will disappear even in the darkness.

Jari Vuorinen works as a lighting designer at Lighting Design Collective Oy. Lighting Design Collective Oy creates imaginative, state-of-the-art lighting schemes, digital content, and light art.

Vikke Mannila is planlicht’s Country Sales Manager in Finland. planlicht is an Austrian company that develops and produces high-quality luminaires.

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