Waffle Wednesday: Croquis and animations


Waffle Wednesday: Croquis and animations

28.8.2019 (event will be held in English), 9.00-10.00

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Croquis and animations – get your ideas across fast!

Many times words are not enough; you need to sketch your idea to others, so you need to be fast and accurate!

– It’s about learning to notice things faster (head tilted to the left, right hand grasping something etc.)

– Not to get lost in details but noticing the details!

– Animations help us further to describe how something moves. (Heavy? Light? Smooth or nervous motion?) How to tell a story!

– Croquis improves animation, and animation improves croquis.

Juuso Kallioinen is a freelance Animator, 3D and Animation teacher in Espoo School of Arts, board member of the Finnish Animation Guild and a martial artist.

Pedro Aibéo is an Architect and Civil Engineer, Vis. Ass. Professor on ”Architectural Democracy”, founder & CEO of the Gamified Cohousing Oy, of the World Music School and of the “Cidadania” theatre+games group, professional musician, drawing teacher and a comic novelist.

What we do:

-We teach anyone to draw croquis (fast sketches) of a live model doing various actions.

From those drawings we create animations by filling in the missing motion!