Waffle Wednesday: Behavior Design tools

Waffle Wednesday: Behavior Design tools

at 11.09.2019, 9-10am

Want to influence the behaviour of your users, employees or community in an ethical and sustainable way? Join us for a Waffle Wednesday session at Wonderland to talk about what makes behavior happen, how you can design for it and why tapping on motivation isn’t the best solution. 

We will look at the topics from the point of view of Behavior Design, an emerging and powerful field of design said to be one of the future incarnations of Service Design. Behavior Design combines behavioral sciences with design, research & experimental methods.

Riitta Mettomäki is a Behavior Design specialist who consults startups and established companies on product, service and business strategy and coaches individuals on behavior change. She has 10+ years of experience on user-centered design and development. She works as an independent entrepreneur in Frankly Behavior Design.

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