Waffle Wednesday: Algorithms in workplace communications

Waffle Wednesday: Algorithms in workplace communications

12.12.2018 at 9:00-10:00

Can algorithm help people to improve their encountering with each other – in workplaces and customer situations? Can we use artificial intelligence as a translator for the organizational culture? How an algorithm can pass over humans to be a better leader? And why should you be interested in all this right now?

Waffle Wednesday held on December 12, Sari Siikasalmi will share her story from a strategic communications professional to a passionate AI start-up entrepreneur. Siikasalmi’s and Sini Vikkula’s Vimma CC is a rebel of leadership consulting, their own VimmaRadar -algorithm helps people to understand more genuinely themselves, colleagues and their clients.

Waffle Wednesdays are a series of events created for business professionals, start-ups and corporate leaders. For people, who want to network, learn and gain inspiration from our speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Our breakfast events start with a 20-minute case study or an intro by the speaker and continue with laid-back discussion and networking while enjoying some fresh waffles.

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