Professional Speed Dating

Professional Speed Dating

10.05 15.00 – 17.00

Welcome to Professional Speed Dating at Wonderland Work!

Are you looking for new clients or team members? Would you like to expand your professional network and find new “freelancer colleagues”?

Our speed dating is a Friday afternoon networking event where you’ll be able to meet new people in the business sense of the word over some snacks and refreshements. We’ll start with an old-school speed dating routine where you get to chat with everyone for a few minutes, we’ve provided some questions to get you started. After you can continue the best conversations in the lounge!

Who is speed dating for professionals for?

Freelancers looking for business contacts (For example a website designer looking for a photographer to partner with on projects or someone looking to spar with like-minded people)

Big companies looking for new talent (For example an advertising agency looking for a freelancer copywriter)

Startups looking to expand their network (For example a company looking for someone with experience from their field)

Anyone who wants to meet new people in the business sense and broaden their horizon!

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