Event planning – what should be taken into consideration?

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Event planning – what should be taken into consideration?

Antti Luusuaniemi came to our 8.5.2019 Waffle Wednesday to tell us how a new event is born and how it feels to produce an event. Antti is an actor, manager of the Finnish movie section for Nelonen Media and Red Carpet Film Festival’s art director. This Waffle Wednesday he concentrated on telling us about the Red Carpet festival and how it was born. According to Antti, the same teachings apply to creating many other ideas too. Hopefully with the help of this you can encourage youself to push forward with your own projects!

Here are Antti’s 5 tips to organizing a succesfull event:

  1. A big part of event organizing is creating an mental image. For example Red Carpet Film Festival wants to appear as a serious, high-quality event. That’s why there is a short film made every year about the festival to encourage this image.
  2. Often they ask, why Hyvinkää? Why a Finnish film festival to begin with? This raises the question of why to do anything at all? Because enjoying things and having a passion for something, that’s why.
  3. In October 2016 there was an idea and in August 2017 an event with over 20 000 attendees. How was this possible? Often we keep ideas to ourselves and don’t tell others about them, because we are afraid that they’ll get stolen or copied. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas! The key to success is that we found people around us that made us work well in the big picture. Others could help the event forward with their own contacts and skills and helped Red Carpet Film Festival to grow.
  4. An event must constantly develop and Red Carpet has also got some new elements each year. Employees must keep moving and be able to offer something new to people. It isn’t enough to do something right once, we need to develop and earn people’s attention. You don’t necesseraly need to make things bigger, just create new content that the media will get excited about.
  5. When organizing an event it is important that at least one person is holding all the strings, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. It can’t work otherwise, because events have so many moving pieces. Even thought hiring a person to do this task would be a big investment financially, it is absolutely worth every penny.

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